Best Hotel Management College in Surat
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Best Hotel Management College in Surat

About Us

Lords Institute of Management (LIM), initiated by Lords Hotels & Resorts, is a state of the art Hotel Management Institute for career development situated in the heart of Surat. We have conceptualized to develop students for a promising career in hotel management college in surat.

Offering International Course in Association with American Hotel Lodging Educational Institute, USA, THSC (Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council) Dual Degree course from D Y Patil University Associated with Deemed to be University, and BMEC.

Dear Hospitality Ambassador,

In an era of globalization and rapid economic growth, the industry has to cope with many radical changes and challenges in business, technology, manpower, economic policy, and global turmoil. Our country is emerging as a major power house and a robust participant in businesses across geographies. A business can align to all the changes except meeting the challenge of employing the right kind of skilled manpower. In this regard, organizations generally prefer fishing and not farming. Lords Institute of Management is aiming to cater the needs of the ever expanding hospitality industry by providing trained manpower click here to read more

Lords Institute of Management has been awarded by the prestigious award of “Best Tourism Institute” in Gujarat by Tourism Awards Gujarat.Tourism Awards is a celebration of Gujarat’s heritage, culture, traditions, destinations, hospitality, safety and security,food and more modern achievements therefore a highly marketable event 

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Affiliation by


American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute

Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council

Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council



DY Patil University
Associated with Deem to be University


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Food Production Lords Institute of Management


Food Production – Hotel and Hospitality Management

Food Production is a department which is involved in preparation of food. A process, in which raw materials are cooked, combined and transformed to make a dish. The scope of Food Production has been widening at a faster pace in India as well as Abroad.

FOOD-PRODUCTION LAB,Hotel Management College in Surat


Career in Hotel or Hospitality Management

Does the idea of sitting in an office from nine to five turn you off? Are you looking for a career with plenty of variety? Like food? Enjoy travelling? Then a career in the hotel or hospitality management will be rewarding. The hotel or hospitality industry is exciting and glamorous

Front Office,Hotel Management College in Surat


Future and Scope of Hotel Management in India

India is being considered as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Tourism contributed 6.9% to our country’s GDP in 2015 and almost 8.7% of the employment. And this sector is expected to grow tremendously, roughly 7.5% of our GDP by 2025.

Best Hotel Management College in Surat
Best Hotel Management College in Surat

What our student says

Student Testimonial

Journey Start with Lords Institutes Of Management
I have joined this institutes in 2014-15. I take 1 year Food Production Principles. After completion of 6 month course I have joined training in TGB by guidance of our institute.
Best Hotel Management College in Surat
Dhruvi Mukeshbhai Thakkar
One of Surat's premier Hotel Management Studies Institution. Lords Institute of Management brings out well trained and efficient professionals every year for working in the hotel industry.
Best Hotel Management College in Surat
Yash Katariya
Faculty of the Institute is keep in interest to share knowledge with student like a friend.They also provide different types of platform for showing our creativities in different section.
Best Hotel Management College in Surat
Poorva Goel

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