Hotel and Hospitality Management Course in Navsari- Lords Institute of Management

Hotel and Hospitality Management Course in Navsari- Lords Institute of Management

Take your first step towards a dynamic career in one of the world’s most happening, rapidly growing industries. – Hotel and Hospitality Management courses in Navsari.

Yes! The world of hospitality is all about growth. Whatever the world economy does, the hospitality sector keeps on rising.

The travel and tourism sector single supports 284 million people in employment — that is 1 in 11 jobs on the globe— and was worth 9.8% of world GDP ($7.2 trillion) in 2015.

[WTTC Travel & Tourism Economic Impact 2016 Annual Update Report]

The sector is expected to grow 4% annually, supporting 370 million jobs by 2026 — or 1 in every 9 jobs on the planet.

With worldwide travel and tourism growth and the rise of the experience economy, your degree in Hotel and hospitality management opens doors to endless career pathways.

In this progressing, ever-expanding global industry, it is up to you where to go next…

Are you looking for a career in hotel and hospitality management?

Are you looking for a career after Graduation?

Are you looking for a career in Hotel Management after 10 or 12 standards?

Then, Lord Institute of Hotel Management in Navsari is a right starting point that gives you the excellent opportunity to build your career, in the fast-moving hospitality industry.

Lords Institute of Hotel Management offers an innovative course, exclusively designed, to combines management theory with real-world practice to give you a thorough overview of different areas in hospitality.

  • Short Term Certificate Course in Front Office, House Keeping, Food and Beverage Operations, and Food Production Principles. Design for candidates looking for a career in hotel management after 10th and 12th
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management (AHLEI)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel & Tourism Management (BAOU)

Scope and Job Opportunities for Hotel Management Students.

Thought that Hotel and Hospitality management courses are just meant to hotels and restaurants?

No, Think Again!

These sectors still provide excellent career options, but graduates can look beyond them to a wide scope of other fields within the experience economy. Types of Hospitality Careers

  • Resorts
  • Luxury retail
  • Entertainment
  • Conference and events
  • Spa and well-being
  • Travel and tourism
  • Culinary arts
  • Airport  ground staff

Hotel Management jobs in abroad

Hospitality is a world of travel.

Yes, a degree in Hospitality Management from Lords Institute Navsari can take you anywhere. This is not just a view of the global nature of hospitality, but of the unique preparation that an education at Lords Institute of Hotel & Hospitality Management Navsari gives you, promising with the best salary package after hotel management in India.

Experimental Learning

Done the Diploma program at Lords Institute, you will gain the practical skills and management expertise to start your career with confidence.

Experiential learning is a hands-on approach to management education that gives you straight knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of every person who will be under your supervision later on.

You will experience for yourself the challenges faced in hospitality, taking in service, kitchen and rooms division, and you will emerge with a deeper understanding of how to manage teams and businesses.

You will also become aware of industry standards in service, hygiene, food preparation, and safety measures.

By teaming up with your classmates and taking on the responsibilities of a leader, you will gain key business skills, such as flexibility, planning and time management, problem-solving, and multicultural teamwork, and the activity to do well in any organization.

Practical Hand-on Experience

Engage yourself in the roles that are essential to restaurants, kitchens, and hotels.

  • Service: Learn to run a restaurant as you experience working in different dining venues on campus.
  • Kitchen: Learn more than how to cook — handle stress with ease and learn to run a professional kitchen with the supervision of our chefs.

Real World of Business

Learn beyond the books. Set your business skills in action and learn while on the job.

  • Examine real-world business case studies and learn how to take innovative methods to problem-solving.
  • Learn the business challenges faced by hospitality foundation by rotating through various roles on campus and in the industry.

Fascinating Learning

Take advantage of extracurricular and off-campus learning to make the most of your learning experience.

  • Take the opportunity to team up with your classmates and perform in global hospitality competitions.
  • Hear from guest speakers and visit companies and leaders to ask questions and gain industry expertise.


  • At Lords Institute of Hotel Management, you will learn the essence of hospitality management from leaders in the field.
  • Our faculty at Lords Institute of Hotel Management, have excellent academic references and extensive experience in the industry. They are also expert educators, mentors and guides, dedicated to supporting our students in achieving academic and career success.

Over with, this unique educational program, you will gain the practical skills and managerial insights needed to progress quickly in your hospitality career.

We look forward to welcoming and guiding you on your educational journey at Lords Institute of Hotel Management Navsari.

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